Demo 2012

by Sunlight Alumni

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released March 30, 2012

Recorded on March 28th, 29th, & 30th at Think Sound Studios in Greensboro, NC. Mixed, Mastered, and Engineered by Drew Fulk.



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Sunlight Alumni Wilmington, North Carolina

Four individuals with an unhealthy obsession with music. We take all the music we've ever enjoyed and strive to incorporate into one band.

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Track Name: Be Happy (White)
Cocoons of finger prints line the halls of this maze. There’s a hole in every hand.
At every dead end there’s a headstone marked innocence.
One at Highgrove and Live Oak.
The rocks at Battle Acre.
Ain’t no coals to burn in this hearth.
This city is driftwood.
Set sail. Take flight.
On rusty little fingers my will scrambles.
My father built me paraffin dreams out of radiant conch shell hearts.
Broken little fingers take a breath from every valve. Shower my head in hubris.
The pupils of my feathered muscles tense, we’ll reach the sun by headfall if we give up now and turn from our wicked ways that keep us surging.
Under Hanover’s embrace.
Sunlight my home, savage sea my god.
My heart is missing nuts and bolts.
Christ built me broken.
Climb the scaffolding of that beautiful church.
And when I get to the top I’ll watch oleander burn. This city I leave behind.
The maze of my fathers pride.
The minotaur cherished inside.
All leveled by my wings.
The light cast by this desolate shadow.
The shit I once believed.
Pour out your homes on where ever you rest.
From the fall of a boy, I now know what’s best.
From waters above. To waters below.
I became a man.
Track Name: Be Happy (Black)
“I think I’m dying,” he says. “People don’t die so easy.” “They say I’m small but I’m a giant to the ants.” I never left his side while he slept. Make your way through a life that you hate. Make all things new. Let all things die. Like you will. To opened, and honest, he never was enough. He’s searching for true love. The truth is there is none. He’s broken his promise to never give hope up. The search for a new life, you can’t run and can’t hide. A fray Treasure Town couldn’t mend. Nor make ends meet. Afraid treasure town wouldn’t mend. Too late to make ends meet. Cigar ashes on the pavement where we spill our heads. And hearts vast under proof and percent of the sun. Only when the earth can claim your limbs, will you truly learn how to dance. I am the barrel burning pressed against your broken bread. Urn to hold your ashes once your wine has been bled. This is our town. This is our blood on the bricks. Black. White.
Track Name: Borosilicate Bridge
Stale the lights and pan the camera towards the words you said I can’t repeat. I heard them so loud. This heart of forsaken, sacrificial man. Flight of pelicans. Sacrificial man barricading the horizon in all of its fervor. Look what you’ve done to me. Can you stare a little longer and laugh the sound of tritones in my honor? I have none left. Dishonor mark me. But I love you more than my chest can gape. Can she even see it pouring? Torrents crush me. Same ole’ story. Expanding by the man by which you thrive. Expanding by the man whose life I can’t seem to align. Come take my breath, my voice, and my song. Come take my scalp, my eyes, and my heart. What’s left of it is mine to eat. You devoured every fucking beat. Crumpled reveries of your song, force them into my ears. Pipe bombs collapsing. Relapse into these tears. Choose the knives you throw, ever so carefully. Cut that line, watch me bleed you out. I’ll always be a haven for you. This bridge constructed to let you see the world. Your silence like fire, to make ashes of my efforts. No matter how searing your loveless touch is, the bridge, my offer still stands.